If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“My life changed completely after getting braces. I am always smiling. I never had a bad experience at Dr. Costanzo. I looked forward to every appointment and music that is being played on the jukebox.The staff and Dr. Costanzo are amazing and always so welcoming. Thank you for making my experience a happy occasion. Overall, the service was excellent and the treatment outstanding.”
— Panou Ly

“My experience with this organization was incredible. The staff provided quite a comfortable and fun environment (as fun as an orthodontics office can be). The team here made my seven-hour commute a bit more bearable. There are very few medical groups that are as kind and professional as Costanzo and company. A special shout-out to Grand Master Dr. C. and his lovely ladies Mary, Barbara, and Christina! You all were great!”
— Josh Sanders

“I was not looking to have perfect teeth at 54 years old. I just wanted to be able to smile with confidence and not show my crowded bottom teeth. Plus, I had so much overcrowding that my tongue looked like a three-dimensional map of mountains ... and valleys! It may not have been so noticeable to others, but it really bothered me. All I could think was, that my grandchildren were going to remember me as the grandma with the crooked teeth and an ugly tongue!

“Thanks to Dr. Costanzo and his staff for developing a plan to fix my smile and help me through the process. His staff is very friendly and fun. They always made me feel comfortable and welcomed. Everyone has a smile on their face throughout the visit. It’s a casual yet professional environment. I would recommend Costanzo Orthodontics to old and young alike!”
— Karen Gray-Leach

“We have been coming to see Dr. Costanzo for many years now, since one of the boys is in his second phase of braces! We have been very pleased from the early checks to see when each child should start braces, to the end result of being finished and removing the braces. Everyone on the staff has always been kind, friendly, and the service has been superb! I feel that Dr. Costanzo and his staff have found the perfect balance between professionalism and fun when it comes to the whole orthodontic experience. For parents and adults needing braces, we want to know that each member of the staff and the orthodontist know what they are doing! When we ask questions, we want to hear intelligent answers that make sense for us or our child’s treatment. I feel that is the case at Costanzo Orthodontics. For our kids, the place needs to be fun and light, as having braces isn’t necessarily the most pleasant childhood experience! They need to be able to interact with the staff and doctor in a friendly manner to make the whole process that much more comfortable. I think that balance has been achieved at Costanzo Orthodontics. Everyone in the family can be comfortable — whether the actual patient, the parent, or sibling — and everyone’s questions can be answered satisfactorily. Thanks for everything!”
-Luisa Wood

“Look at that smile! Thanks to Dr. Costanzo and his wonderful staff, my daughter Amanda Hoover smiles all the time! Dr. Costanzo gave my daughter a beautiful smile.”
— Jodi Garland

“The doctor and staff are very fun, skilled, and professional. The atmosphere is welcoming, upbeat, and extra cool! My kids actually enjoy going to the orthodontist and my husband was a patient too! Thanks for taking great care of our family.”
— Michelle Ganci

“We (Marissa, Michelle, Matt, and Kim) LOVE your office staff. The atmosphere in the office (old and new) was always fun and comfortable. All three of my kids enjoyed the torture of braces. Thanks for making an ‘icky’ situation like braces fun, loving, and comfortable.”
— Kim Middione, owner of Sports Clips

“Dr. Costanzo has continued what Dr. Kilmer started, which was make the patient feel like family and make it fun! I enjoyed going when I was in braces, and both of my girls have never complained once about going to Dr. Costanzo (even if they knew it might be a little sore later). We love the office and Dr. Costanzo!"
— Brent Turnbull

“Thank you for giving me the GREAT smile you promised me at the start! Your fantastic staff made each appointment something I looked forward to each time!”
— Marlene Hubbell

“You guys are awesome! Okay, here’s why we love you:
1. The boys’ teeth look GREAT!
2. The ladies are incredible, from front office to business to staff in the back, your willingness to help, kindness, patience, and good humor are what keep us coming back.
3. Dr. Costanzo is soooooo good! (for a 16-year-old).
4. My boys LOVE coming here, which for an orthodontist office, is crazy!”
— Myrna

“It doesn’t seem possible, but they’re coming off. It’s been three years already, although it doesn’t seem like a year has even passed. I thought that it would have been longer from the condition my teeth, jaw, and structure, but my teeth and smile are where I wished them to be three years ago; no, make that over three decades ago. I had gotten to the point where I was so embarrassed of my teeth that I refused to smile. If I laughed, I would cover my mouth. Every time I bit into food I would see the imprint of how bad my bite was. It was just another terrible reminder of what my smile was. Not only that, but my teeth were hard to clean, which is another story altogether. I realized that the first thing I really noticed on people was their smile. A good smile and straight teeth are undeniably at the top of the list, not to mention healthy. I used to avoid the camera at all costs. I didn’t want any remembrance of what my teeth and smile made me look like. I knew it wouldn’t change and there was nothing that I could do about it short of braces, and I couldn’t afford them. Then I looked into getting them, and found out that even I could manage the cost. The payments were very reasonable, and there was not one added cost or surprise. I will never forget the day I had my braces put on because that was the day I started smiling again. I haven’t had a single day that I haven’t smiled and have been proud to show it off. I had heard from others about the pain and the blisters and the pureed food, but it couldn’t have been much easier for me, even with the upper- and lower-jaw surgery. I was told what to expect and how to deal with it in every aspect. There were no surprises. I looked forward to each of my office visits. I never felt like a patient. I always felt like a friend. The girls are great, and I certainly wouldn’t want to forget Dr. Costanzo; he’s the real reason for my smile. The man is the genuine article. It’s hard to call him a doctor when to me he’s more of an artist. You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a smile in that picture is worth a million bucks. Thank you all for my million-dollar smile. You have changed my life. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”
— Jeff